Futuro y retos jurídicos de la Unión Económica y Monetaria

The project is based on the hypothesis that the economic-financial and sovereign debt crisis has given a new dimension to the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), increasing the European treatment of the economic and budgetary policies of the member states. However, many of the new European structures were born in the heat of the urgencies posed by the crisis, and suffer, not only from the consequent exceptionality of the triggering situations, but from considerable doses of legal improvisation. We are currently in a period of reflection for future transformations that deepen and improve EMU, and for that same reason, we are at a favorable moment to study their possible reforms.

Project details (GREC)


Andreu Olesti Rayo (IP)
Francisco Javier Donaire Villa
David Vallespin Perez
Milagros del Carmen Alvarez Verdugo
Laura Luisa Huici Sancho
Dolly Natalia Caicedo Camacho
Sonia Garcia Vazquez
Juana Goizueta Vertiz