La biodiversidad, el clima y la salud pública global: Interacciones y desafíos para el Derecho Internacional

The Research project pursues the overall objective of identifying the challenges and opportunities that the COVID-19 crisis has created in relation to the international and European legal frameworks applicable to the conservation and international protection of biodiversity and to the fight against climate change. In turn, it aims to provide possible responses that will strengthen international cooperation and the creation of synergies between these fields in order to influence, in the medium and long term, global public health and the post-COVID-19 recovery process.

To this end, the project is essentially focused on three dimensions:

  • The shortcomings of the current international legal framework for an effective response to the degradation of biodiversity and global warming and their effects on global public health.
  • The global challenges, in institutional terms, faced by the international community in relation to the current health crisis and which require progress in international cooperation and coordination between international regulatory regimes, such as those for biodiversity, climate change and health, thus generating synergies and avoiding sterile duplication of efforts.
  • The international regulatory proposals which, in the overall framework of the post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy and in the process of increasing ambition in the commitments of the Paris Agreement, could facilitate greater integration of aspects related to the protection of global public health.

Project details (GREC)


Maria del Mar Campins Eritja (IP)
Francesc Xavier Pons Rafols
Javier Fernandez Pons
Josep Maria de Dios Marcer
Teresa Fajardo del Castillo
Marta Abegón Novella
Pol Pallàs Secall